Welcome to the Department of Orthopedics at Rapha Aroma Hospital in Kottarakkara. Our dedicated team of orthopedic specialists is committed to providing comprehensive and advanced care for all your musculoskeletal needs. From trauma care and complex fracture management to specialized surgeries and deformity correction, we are here to restore mobility, relieve pain, and improve your quality of life.Our department specializes in trauma care, including the management of complex fractures. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons are skilled in handling a wide range of traumatic injuries, utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. We are dedicated to providing prompt and efficient care to help you recover from fractures and injuries, restoring functionality and facilitating a speedy recovery.

At Rapha Aroma Hospital, we prioritize your well-being and strive to deliver the highest standard of orthopedic care. Our dedicated team of orthopedic specialists, nurses, and support staff is committed to providing personalized and compassionate care throughout your orthopedic journey. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you regain mobility, independence, and a pain-free life.


Trauma Care Including Complex Fracture Management

Our Department of Orthopedics at Rapha Aroma Hospital in Kottarakkara specializes in providing exceptional trauma care, including the management of complex fractures. Our skilled orthopedic surgeons are experienced in handling a wide range of traumatic injuries, utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. With a patient-centered approach, we are dedicated to restoring your musculoskeletal health and facilitating a speedy recovery.

Knee Replacement Surgery

When conservative treatments for knee conditions are no longer effective, our orthopedic specialists offer advanced knee replacement surgery. Using cutting-edge surgical techniques and high-quality implants, we aim to relieve pain, improve joint function, and enhance your overall quality of life. Our multidisciplinary team of experts ensures personalized care, from pre-operative evaluation to post-operative rehabilitation, to ensure optimal outcomes and a successful recovery.

Hip Replacement Surgery

At Rapha Aroma Hospital, our orthopedic team provides expert hip replacement surgery for patients suffering from hip joint pain and dysfunction. We utilize advanced surgical techniques and prosthetic implants to replace damaged hip joints, relieving pain and restoring mobility. Our comprehensive approach includes pre-operative assessment, customized surgical plans, and dedicated post-operative care to ensure the best possible results and a swift return to an active lifestyle.

Shoulder and Elbow Replacement

Our experienced orthopedic surgeons specialize in shoulder and elbow replacement procedures, offering effective solutions for conditions such as arthritis, fractures, and chronic pain. Through careful evaluation and advanced surgical techniques, we aim to restore joint function, alleviate pain, and improve your range of motion. With a focus on individualized care and comprehensive rehabilitation, we are committed to helping you regain optimal shoulder and elbow function.

Pediatric Orthopedics

Our dedicated team of pediatric orthopedic specialists provides specialized care for children with musculoskeletal conditions. From congenital deformities to developmental disorders, we offer comprehensive evaluation, accurate diagnosis, and tailored treatment plans for optimal growth and development. With a child-friendly environment and a compassionate approach, we strive to ensure the best possible outcomes and improved quality of life for our young patients.

Knee Keyhole Surgery

Our Department of Orthopedics offers minimally invasive knee keyhole surgery, also known as arthroscopy, to diagnose and treat a range of knee conditions. This technique involves small incisions and the use of a tiny camera to visualize and treat various knee problems, such as torn ligaments, cartilage damage, or loose bodies. With the advantage of reduced scarring, less post-operative pain, and faster recovery, knee keyhole surgery allows for a quicker return to an active and pain-free lifestyle.

Shoulder Keyhole Surgery

We also provide advanced shoulder keyhole surgery, or arthroscopy, for the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder conditions. This minimally invasive procedure allows our orthopedic specialists to visualize and repair various shoulder issues, including rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, and impingement syndrome. With smaller incisions, reduced tissue trauma, and quicker recovery time, shoulder keyhole surgery offers patients a less invasive approach while still achieving excellent surgical outcomes.

Deformity Correction Surgeries

Our skilled orthopedic surgeons perform deformity correction surgeries to address skeletal deformities, such as limb length discrepancies or spinal deformities. With a thorough evaluation, meticulous planning, and the use of advanced surgical techniques, we aim to restore proper alignment, improve function, and enhance your overall quality of life. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care and comprehensive rehabilitation to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

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